The Design

Since the begining, Denis Stevens and the Green Propulsion team decided to conserve some very characteristic elements of the former Imperia brand. They decided to keep : The proheminent front grill, the lateral vents, the round lights, and the great fluid curves.

The design has been created step by step. Month after month, it has been improved by involving ergonomy, technical constrainsts and legal aspects.

Denis Stevens wanted to produce a neo-retro style that would include early 19th century car shapes. He also wanted the car to be muscled with a very strong character. Since the very first sketches, the backward remoted cockpit and the big front grill has been the trademark of the car.

The unique style of the Imperia GP is also due to fancy shapes very far from the usual car designs.

You'll find in this section many inspiring pictures. You'll also see the first sketches and the final result.