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Imperia GP

The Imperia GP project was initiated by the Belgian company Green Propulsion, specialized in electrical and alternative engineering. The Imperia is a sporty touring coupe, equipped with a new engine technology: Power Hybrid. It combines the power of a Porsche with the limited CO2 emissions of a Smart. It also revives the name of an old Belgian brand “Imperia Automobiles”.

The exterior and interior design has been created by Denis Stevens. This young belgian designer has been chosen during a contest that was held in 2005. Based on many technical and esthetic constraints, the exterior design was finalized in 2011 and the interior design in 2012.

In the same time, Denis Stevens started his own company Miysis (march 2007). This company is specializing in creating 3D pictures and animations for Architecture, Design and Industry visualization.

Welcome on this website, you'll find here many 3d pictures illustrating the Imperia GP concept. You'll also find real pictures and videos showing the car in action.

Enjoy !